SUGARMOON is a trendy body sugaring salon offering high-quality hair removal services. We strive to make our guests feel comfortable & at ease and provide a wide variety of options for quality products. We have a strong team of talented women who are passionate about their jobs and happy to answer any questions you may have. Click here to check out our 'about us' video!


Paola Girotti


SUGARMOON is celebrating its 11th year! It is hard to believe how quickly times flies. What started out as a labour of love project with a two-woman partnership and a $10,000 loan from my mom has now blossomed into an 18 staff member, four store growing operation. I am truly grateful to work with the women of SUGARMOON.

I am totally passionate about sugaring and have trained over 60 people from many parts of Ontario and the United States. We have now opened the SUGARMOON ACADEMY with training dates posted for most of 2014. This is really an exciting time!

We are very proud to have launched our professional brand of products, along with our Organics Body line and the first SUGARMOON take home kit to allow you to be a successful sugarist at home! Stay tuned we have a lot planned for 2014.

Outside of SUGARMOON, I enjoy hanging out with my lovely kids Elias (10) and Sofia (5), traveling, cooking, playing piano and enjoying time with friends and family!

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My name is Cailey Ward, and I’m a SUGARMOON manager and technician, and now even an owner! Ever since I met Paola in 2007 I’ve known that sugaring is the way to go, so I decided I’d had enough of the corporate life and put my chatty nature to good use.

Growing with the SUGARMOON team has been such a rewarding experience. We’re now in four locations in Ontario, carry our own line of body care and even have our own Take Home Sugaring Kit, and there are so many more surprises right round the corner! Thanks to the amazing women working at SUGARMOON and our wonderful clients, my job is always fun.

I’m originally from Ottawa and moved to Toronto about 13 years ago. I’ve been married since 2007 to a wonderful guy who (fortunately) is a bit of a book nerd and movie groupie like me. I like to spend my free time reading, watching too many movies and dreaming up future home renovations.

Claudia Porco

Customer Care

I'm of graduate of St. Joseph's College. I first started going to SUGARMOON just as a client. That was until my lovely boss, Paola, offered me a job in 2011 and I've been here ever since. The environment of SUGARMOON has taken the quiet, shy girl I once was and turned her into the outgoing and independent woman I am today.

Being reception, we are the first and last thing clients see when coming in. My favourite part is the excitement and fulfillment I get to see from our clients after their appointment. I am also passionate about skin care and very thankful to SUGARMOON for being able to show me the best ways of keeping my skin healthy and now I'm able to use that knowledge to help clients and others around me.

When I'm not spending my time at SUGARMOON you will see me enjoying long car rides when I can, reading novels and spending time with my friends and family.

Cricel Cappello


The first time I walked into SUGARMOON was as a client in the mid 2000’s and I haven’t left since! After being a client for a few years I became intrigued with learning how to sugar. So with some training I officially joined this family in 2008 and I now work as both a technician and trainer at SUGARMOON.

I have always enjoyed helping people and making them feel good about themselves. As a Registered Massage Therapist outside of SUGARMOON and being able to sugar people, I can achieve this on both a beauty and wellness level.

Outside of SUGARMOON, I enjoy traveling, cooking, and being outdoors. I try to get out of the city whenever I get the chance as my husband and I are avid campers. But most of all, I just really enjoy sending time with loved ones and reading a good book with a great drink on hand ;)

Jennifer Kelly

Customer Service

My name is Jennifer Kelly and I am excited to be starting a new chapter in my life working at SUGARMOON. I have been part of watching it grow for the past 11 years and now able to participate as one has finally opened in the Niagara area.

I love working with people. I am compassionate person and spent many years working with mentally and physically challenged adults. For the past 5 years I have been raising two amazing boys Cole and Kyle with my husband Tim who has turned them both into die hard Leaf fans;).

In my spare time I love to scrapbook, read, spend time with friends and go on adventures with my family.

Kristjana Frani


I'm a business administration student from George Brown College. A little about myself, During the summer I like getting involved in outdoor activities, because I love the sun! I came across this great opportunity working for SUGARMOON, which is great since its in the direction of my career. I enjoy learning about skin care regiments, if you need assistant choosing from our skin care line, I'm happy to help.

My name is Kiara Ventrella and I first stumbled upon Sugarmoon on my way home from a fitness class. I went in and found the atmosphere and people to be so inviting and positive. As a recent fashion design graduate I knew Sugarmoon would be a perfect balance and compliment my creative side.

Allison Jackson

Sugarist/Customer Care

Hi! I’m Allison. I am thrilled to have been a part of the SUGARMOON team since 2011. I was introduced to sugaring by a family friend in my hometown of Welland and then found SUGARMOON when I moved to Toronto. Originally starting as an administrator, I have since learned how to sugar through our SUGARMOON academy and now am lucky to be part of both our sugaring and admin teams.

I have always had a passion for helping people, for which I have my parents to thank. I love being able to give people that “hair-free” feeling. Here, I am constantly inspired by clients and co-workers to strive to do my best, both in and out of the salon.

I enjoy winter, watching bad movies and curling up with my very fluffy cat. If you have any questions about sugaring or any of the products we carry, please feel free to ask me anything.

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I graduated from Marca College with Honors in 2008, and I’ve been at SUGARMOON ever since!

I’m completely in love with what I do, and ever since starting at SUGARMOON I’ve been practicing on my husband with sugar instead of wax.
The results are so much better and the process is so much more fun for me.

I live in Leaside, and have a young son named Travis and a wonderful husband named Matt.

Ask me about Vampires, Saturday Night Live, Evanescence and Starbucks Coffee and I could go on for days!


Ramona Florea

Customer Service Supervisor

I'm an education enthusiast and currently studying Business Administration at George Brown College, and formerly studied Psychology at Queen's University in Kingston. I enjoy socializing and meeting new people, and have been working in Customer Service in the salon and beauty industry for 6 years. There is no greater feeling than watching a client leave the salon satisfied and feeling beautiful!

I like keeping busy and am constantly on the go, but in my spare time I enjoy reading books, watching movies, dancing and travelling. I've had the urge to travel since I was 12 years old and travelled to my hometown in Romania all by myself. I've already been to 17 countries and my dream is to visit every country in the world!

Desrene Stewart


Meet Desrene Stewart. Her goal is to provide you with a friendly and personalized Aesthetic service experience, that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. Through her courteous and knowledgeable manner, her aim is to create a warm, confidential environment for all of your concerns and needs.

15 years in the business. One of the things Desrene enjoys the most is teaching people how to take care of their skin. Why? "Because it is what most represents you" healthy skin represent what you are, it is one of the most important organs of the body.

If you are taking care of your skin it is telling me that you are taking care of your body.

Ann Hoang


My name is Ann. I am a graduate of Seneca College's Esthetician program and have been working since 2011.

I went into this field because I was mainly interested in skin care, which drove me to pursue my studies at Seneca College. I have loved gaining experience in this field and meeting a lot of great people that are very positive and passionate about the things they do. This had encouraged me to explore more deeply into the esthetic world.

What I love most about being an esthetician is to help others feel great by providing them the service they need to get the look they want. SUGARMOON has provided me the training and place to meet new people.

Amy Pham


Growing up, I knew I wanted a career where I can help others. After high school, I studied Pharmacy Assistant but soon after realizes it wasn't for me. After years in and out of school, I finally found a field that I’m passionate about. Now, I am a certified Esthetician, graduated with honours from Seneca College. Being an esthetician has given me the opportunity to do what I love: helping others - in beauty and wellness.

I've been with the SUGARMOON team since 2012 and I totally love what I do. The concept of sugaring has totally changed my life...and my hair and it will do the same for you. I am ecstatic to meet everybody and share my passion for sugaring, skincare and the esthetics world with you.

During my pass time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, watching movies and shopping. During the summer, I like playing sports like volleyball, golf and kayaking on the lake. And I

Amelia Szeplaki


My name is Amelia. I have been a certified esthetician for about seven years. I love what I do because working one on one with people to help them look and feel their best is a wonderfully rewarding way to spend my work day. I have made it my mission to seek out the best in the wellness industry to learn and grow as part of a great team and SUGARMOON is the perfect setting.

I love a good story more than anything. From cartoons and comic books to the funny, heartwarming, interesting, and sometimes terrifying stories from my guests at the spa. This is by far the best part of my job.

I can’t wait to meet you!


Adriane Pereira

Maternity Leave


Hi! My name is Adriane. I graduated from Sheridan College for Esthetics and have been sugaring for over 10 years. I am from the Niagara area and just moved to Toronto to experience this wonderful city! Suagring is my passion and I really enjoy making people feel great about themselves. I am so excited to be apart of the SUGARMOON team and meet everyone ! In my free time I enjoy experiencing different parts of the city, having a nice glass of wine and spending time with family and friends. Another one of my passions is cooking/baking, I make cheesecakes in my free time for all of the people who have a sweet tooth. I enjoy cuddling with my main man Russell, my dog, all the time

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