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        From the Sugarmoon Blog

Feb 26, 2015

The Manscaping Experience

Don’t be nervous! Turns out 95% of men these days do some kind of manscaping. The most often discussed issue is the chafing. Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate the effort, its thoughtful and shows you also care about how pretty you look like we do. But the chafing!  As we say to so many men and women, everyone has to go through the process for the first time and we’re so happy to walk you through. No matter the body part, your pain tolerance and your level of freaking out, we’ve seen it all before. I once had a gentleman channel that beloved scene in the 40 year old Virgin and actually yell out “Kelly Clarkson!” but it was just for a giggle, he was nervous but fine!

Here are 4 easy ways to prepare yourself for your first (or first in a long time) de-fuzzing:

1.       Numb Nuts – one of our favorite products used by men and women alike. It’ll take the edge off your chest, neck or brozilian service enough that you’re happy to rebook. The only catch is that you’ll want to pick it up in advance since you need a good 40 minutes of quality time (and some strategically placed saran wrap) with Numb Nuts to become best friends

2.       Advil/Tylenol/whatever your painkiller of choice is about 30 minute prior to your visit. Not quite as effective, but still helps

3.       Google or call, we’re so happy to answer your questions, and walk you through the process. TV doesn’t lie, “The more you know”, friends! I always feel better with an understanding of what’s about to happen. Check out our website for more blogs and information, or ask a friend about their experience.

4.       Deep Cleansing Breaths…. And of course a good old fashioned shot of courage (Vodka) always helps!

Jan 6, 2015


                     Check out this quick video about our Take Home Sugaring Kit!

Oct 9, 2014

St. Tropez Spray Tanning Experience!

Sun-kissed skin during the fall and winter season, sign me up immediately!

Since starting at Sugarmoon, I have been introduced to this amazing line they have in their stores called St. Tropez Tan.  These products are absolutely amazing and I have become completely addicted.

 So why would I not want to try the new St. Tropez Spray Tanning System they now have available.
Let’s just take in the fact that I have never gotten a spray done before so, you could imagine I was just a little nervous.  To top this whole experience off this was Sugarmoon’s first training experience with St. Tropez Reps for all our beautiful employees as well.

All that could run through my mind as I’m getting prepped and ready to be spray down is “will I turn orange, is it going to streak, how long will it take me to dry and how dark am I really going to be!”

Amy (our lovely trainer) gets started right away with the finishing touches on my prep.  She starts with putting moisturizer in all the dry areas of my body; elbows, knees, hands and feet.  Once she is done with all that she starts up the booth and off we go.  She mentions she will be applying two coats of tan on me, first coat will be done by her and the second coat will be completed my fellow co-workers.

As Amy is spraying from head to toe my fellows co-workers were already telling me with only one coat that they could already see a difference.  My co-workers finish the last coat of spray and I was off to dry for the next 10-15 minutes.   As I am standing there Amy is explaining what I am going to see in the next couple of hours after the tan.  

 - Do not shower for the next minimum four hours as the colour needs to get into your skin.
 - You will see as the day progresses, you will get darker and darker.
 - The colour you have on right now is not the colour you will see afterwards (it’s a guide colour).
 - Remember to use the St. Tropez Tanning Enhancing Moisturizer after your shower to keep the tan longer    and your skin hydrated.

After I was finished drying, I already saw a huge difference from prior.  I looked as if I just came back from vacation which was amazing.  As the day progressed, I kept getting darker and darker, just had to remind myself this is only the guide colour.  Woke up the next morning and showered, all the tanner looked like it was washing right off.  Got out of the shower to notice my tan looked even more amazing than before I was a little lighter and it looked so even.  I will definitely keep this up all fall/winter long to keep this amazing sun-kissed colour. 

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