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        From the Sugarmoon Blog

Aug 14, 2014

Fresh Cleanser by Skin Essence

If you're looking for a good cleanser and have acne prone skin then try the Fresh Cleanser by Skin Essence. Its organic ingredients consist of rosemary extract, coconut oil, jojoba and olive oil which helps with toning and moisturizing the skin. Did I mention that rosemary extract has a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin E that helps with restoring the damaged skin without clogging the pores. Besides all these great benefits, Fresh Cleanser helps with removing dirt, oils and make up wonderfully, and smells amazing!

Aug 14, 2014

RoseHip Seed Oils

Have you heard of all the amazing benefits of adding Rosehip Seed Oils to your daily facial regiment?
Adding this one extra step to your daily face regiment will add so many benefits to your skin.  Rosehip Seed Oil is full of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that help with the correction of dark spots, hydrating dry itchy skin, ache, eczema, reducing scars and fine lines, healing skin tissue and broken capillaries.
My favourite time to use the Rosehip Seed Oil is right before bedtime as this products is so light weight and not greasy it makes your skin feel so refreshed.  It makes the saying beauty sleep come to life especially as Rosehip brightens the skins overall complexion leaving healthy and radiantly glowing.  You wake up feeling like a Victoria Secret Model especially as Miranda Kerr’s secret to her radiant complexion is using Rosehip Seed Oil every night before bed.  
Ladies! Lets get that perfect BEAUTY SLEEP look with all its amazing benefits and the fabulous natural glow.  You can find this products at any of our Sugarmoon locations.
 - Enjoy!

Aug 14, 2014


As the one of the newest members of the team, I am very pleased to express how happy I am to have joined SUGARMOON. I have 18 years of experience in the Esthetics field and have worked with various different waxes; including hard waxes to warm waxes in a varierty of brands. I am quite excited to now be working with Nufree as well as Sugar.

> Nufree is actually a liquid soy, hair removal system that is applied at a warm temperature. I have found it to deliver exceptional results for my clients. Unlike a wax, Nufree is not a resin and does not adhere to the skin causing irritation or tearing of the skin.  Nufree only adheres to your hair, removing the entire hair bulb and shaft, making it less painful. Nufree offers a complete system from removing your hair to the after care of your skin and hair follicle which in my professional opinion makes sense.
How can you remove hair without taking the correct steps in proper skincare afterwards?
Finipil, the next step, is an antiseptic cream, killing 99.99% of bacteria. When you have used Nufree, we will then apply Finipil to prevent infection of the empty hair follicle, and to cool and reduce any redness or swelling which can occur. Finipil also prevents ingrown hairs by keeping the skin clean and moisturized.
 I am so thrilled about Nufree and I am confident that you will be too!!

 Warmest regards,
 Lisa Sousa

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